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Phoenix Roadrunners

There have been a number of iterations of the Roadrunners moniker in Phoenix, Arizona. The city was host to a WHL team named the Roadrunners starting in 1967. After the WHL foled in 1974, the Roadrunners made the jump to the WHA for the 1974-75 season. In their first two years, the Roadrunners won 39 games each and made the playoffs both times. However, the team struggled financially and sold players to raise cash during their third season. Unsurprisingly, they finished last and would fold at the conclusion of the season. 

With the WHA's team gone, hockey in Phoenix was restarted in the CHL again the next season with the Roadrunners. However that team couldn't even make it halfway through the season, folding in December 1977 after only 27 games. Throughout the years, the same Roadrunner name and logo would persist. The PHL's roadrunners used the same logo from 1977-79. An IHL franchise used a modified version with slightly different colors from 1989-1997, and an ECHL franchise used a further updated version from 2005-09.

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