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Welcome to Vintage Ice Hockey! We're glad you're here. Our mission is to celebrate defunct hockey teams that don't take the ice anymore, many of which still have a special place in people's hearts and memories. 

The truth is, sports history doesn't get a lot of love. Sports are generally all about the here and now. Who's going to win the game tonight? Who's going to win the championship this year? And that's great! But there's also a long history of hockey that has been lost or that is being lost. We want to bring back to life the teams that are special in their own ways and need to be remembered. Vintage Ice Hockey is a home for all of those teams from long ago; both those fondly remembered and those forgotten. 

To do that, we're creating apparel for these teams that, in many cases, simply doesn't exist anywhere else. We also have a blog that will look to shine a light on the players, teams, and fans of these teams and to give their stories a platform in the digital age.

If there's a hockey team that no longer takes the ice that is near and dear to you, we hope you join us in our journey to breathe life back into these teams. You can visit us at, and sign up for our mailing list which will bring the blog and other info directly to your inbox once a week.