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CHL - Central Hockey League (1963-84)

There have been a number of iterations of the Central Hockey League throughout the years. One of the most memorable is the version from 1963-1984 that saw a number of unique teams sprout up throughout the midwest, south and southwest. The league began as the Central Professional Hockey League (CPHL) before dropping the 'P' in 1968. 

The CPHL started with an odd number of five teams in 1963-64; the Omaha Knights (NE), St. Paul Rangers (MN), Minneapolis Bruins (MN), St. Louis Braves (MO), and the Indianapolis Captiols who finished the year as the Cincinnati Wings because their arena in Indy burned down in the middle of the season. 

The CHL would see teams from 25 different cities compete over its three decades of existence. Despite that, the league would never expand to bigger than nine teams as teams would move in and out with some frequency. The longest running teams would be the Dallas Black Hawks, Salt Lake Golden Eagles, and Omaha Knights.

The CHL would fold after the 1983-84 season, as it ran into financial difficulties. The 1984 champs, Tulsa Oilers, actually went into receivership during the season and were forced to play the final couple of months entirely on the road.