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Toledo Buckeyes

Toledo has a long lineage of hockey history, and the Buckeyes would be a small blip in that history, if not for them having possibly the most unique hockey logo you'll ever see. The Toledo Mercurys were a mainstay in Toledo playing in the IHL from 1947-1962. However, for one season, they took a break from the IHL and calling themselves the Mercurys. They rebranded as the Toledo Buckeyes for the 1949-50 and joined the EHL (at the time the EAHL). The Buckeye name came from their new sponsor, the Buckeye Brewing Company based in the city, and they also got a new logo featuring a waiter delivering beer. The logo is perfectly designed for the period, albeit odd to see on a hockey jersey (they did have this logo right on the front of their sweaters below the word 'Toledo'). After one year the Buckeyes re-joined in the IHL and changed back to the Mercurys. They would win the IHL title each of the next two seasons, so the move worked out perfectly.