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Port Huron Hockey

Located on the east coast of Michigan, Port Huron is a city rich in hockey history and home to historic McMorran Arena. The arena opened in 1960 and has played host to numerous pro hockey teams throughout the years.

Originally an IHL city staring in 1962, Port Huron was home to two decades of IHL hockey including three title wins. When the IHL left in 1981, there was a drought of pro hockey in the arena until the Border Cats of the UHL would take up residence from 1996 through 2002. The UHL would continue on through 2007 with the Beacons and Flags as it was a rotating cast of teams throughout the 00s. The briefly reborn IHL would make a reappearance in 2007 as the IceHawks. After they left in 2010, the NAHL's Fighting Falcons spent four seasons there. Currently, it's home to the FHL's Prowlers since 2015-16, who won a league title in 2016 the first in pro hockey title in the city since 1972.