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Toledo Mercurys

The Mercurys are the first professional team in a long line of hockey teams from Toledo. Started in 1947, they received their name through a sponsorship with a local car dealer that sold Mercurys and played at the Toledo Sports Arena, which doubled with a logo of the Greek god of the same name. The Mercurys were hugely successful at the box office and on the ice. They won the IHL in their first year in 1947 beating Detroit Bright's Goodyears. In 1949-50 the team's sponsorship changed and they became the Toledo Buckeyes, moving to the EHL, with one of the most interesting hockey logos you'll see. After one year, they moved back to the IHL and repeated as champions in 1951 and 1952. The team would eventually fold in 1962, but would quickly be replaced by the Toledo Blades.