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Flint Generals™

The Flint Generals™ started play in the IHL for the 1969-70 seasons, making it an 8-team league for the first time in about ten years. Their first season was tough, with only 21 wins and missing the playoffs but they wouldn't miss a beat after that. The Generals would win at least 30 games and make the playoffs every single season for the rest of their existence, through 1984-85. That's 16 of 17 seasons with a playoff berth. But it would be much tougher for the team to win the IHL title. They bowed out of the playoffs in the first round many times and went the entirety of the 1970s without an IHL title. But in 1981 a 41-win Generals team coached by Dennis Desrosiers and 103 points from each Bernie Gallant and Jeff Pyle would finally bring home a Turner Cup to Flint after they swept the Toledo Goaldiggers. Despite two more 43 wins seasons after the title victory, the Generals would leave town and head to nearby Saginaw where they would become the Saginaw Generals for four seasons before folding. Flint didn't go without hockey though, as the Flint Spirits took their place. 

The Generals name would be re-born as an UHL and IHL team from 1993-2010, winning league titles in 1996 and 2000.