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Florida Rockets / Jacksonville Rockets

The Jacksonville Rockets -- aka Florida Rockets -- were the first professional hockey team to be based in Florida. They entered the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) for the 1964-65 season in Jacksonville at the Coliseum. At the time, St. Petersburg was also interested in a hockey team and hosted neutral site games with other EHL teams throughout the year. Attendance was good enough in St. Pete that the Jacksonville Rockets played a portion of their games in St. Pete at the Bayfront Arena and changed their name to the Florida Rockets to reflect that they were a two-city team. They were also supposed to play in West Palm Beach (hence the three stars on the logo) but that never materialized. In eight seasons, they never finished with a record above .500 although they were still able to qualify for the playoffs three times. They went under in the summer of 1972, a year before the EHL folded.