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Chicago Cougars

The Chicago Cougars were an original franchise of the WHA, starting play in the 1972-73 season in one of the NHL's Original Six markets. The Cougars would have a poor first season, winning only 26 games and finishing last in their division. They found a lot more success in their season year, although it would ultimately contribute to the team's undoing. After a decent year, the Cougars had won 38 games and finished fourth in their division. However, they got on a run in the playoffs, winning each of the first two rounds and advancing to the finals. Unfortunately, their normal arena was not available for the finals and they were forced to play in a small arena on the outskirts of town. They would lose the finals and the relocation was seen as a PR debacle, making the pro team look very minor league. A contributing factor of the Cougars demise though was also their inability to secure funding for and build their own arena. They would play one final, third, season in 1974-75 and fold afterwards. Most of the team's players were snapped up by the Denver Spurs in the dispersal draft that followed.