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Lake Placid Roamers

The Lake Placid Roamers are a true old-time hockey team from Lake Placid, NY. The team started play in 1946 playing out of the 1932 Olympic Arena, now called Jack Shea Arena, and named for the speedskater from New York who won double-gold at the ‘32 Olympics.

The Roamers were an independent semi-pro team back in the days before most of the mid-century minor leagues got their start. Back then teams would ‘barnstorm’ and play whomever was available. With the Roamers so close to Canada, many times they played teams from Ontario and Quebec. The Roamers played to packed crowds during the 40s and 50s and were even a NY Rangers affiliate for a time. Goalie Gill Mayer, who played briefly for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1950s got his start as a Roamer.

In the 1970s, the Roamers had a resurgence as a junior team. They won the 1966 US Intermediate Championship in a two-game series over the Eagle Electric team from Spokane, Washington.