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Cape Cod Buccaneers

The Cape Cod Buccaneers were the fourth team that tried, and quickly failed, to make themselves a home at the Cape Cod Coliseum in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Before them came the Cubs, Codders, and Freedoms

The Buccaneers joined the upstart ACHL in 1981, a league that popped up a few years and in some of the same cities as the NAHL, which folded in 1977. While the ACHL would last for seven seasons, there was always a lot of upheaval as teams came and went from the league. This was no different for the Buccaneers, who came to be for the league's first season of 1981-82 but would only survive for 39 games. The season got off to a rough start, as two ACHL teams folded after playing less than 10 games, leaving 5 to complete the season. The league decided that instead of finished the full slate of games that season, it would cut the season short in February and proceed to a playoff tournament. The Buccaneers opted out and folded themselves on February 1st, 1982, while the remaining four teams completed the playoff, won by the Mohawk Valley Stars

One notable Buccaneers alum is former NHL referee Paul Stewart, who played five games for them.