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Butte Bombers

Did you know that Robert "Evel" Knievel used to play hockey? It's a little-known trivia fact that the famous daredevil was an ice hockey player before he made it big with his motorcycle stunts.

At 18, he tried out for the Charlotte Clippers in the late 1950s but didn't stick. He would go home to Butte, Montana, and start up the Butte Bombers in his hometown. At about 20 years old, he was the team's owner, coach, and center!

The team played two years in Butte from 1958-60. Interestingly, the Czech national team even came to Butte for a game during this time! Unfortunately, neither the Bombers themselves nor the visit of the Czech team were financially profitable and the team wouldn't last past that game in 1960. Knievel moved on to other things, and the rest is history.

We’ve custom designed a special logo to capture the spirit of the Butte Bombers, as we are not aware of any true logo the team had. The team’s uniforms said “Butte” across the chest and the shoulders were decorated with stars, giving the Bombers some Americana flair in the post-war years.