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Oklahoma City Blazers Hockey Apparel

After the 1964-65 season, the Minneapolis Bruins headed south and stopped in Oklahoma, becoming the Oklahoma City Blazers. The Blazers were still associated with the same pro team, which game them their yellow and black colors. The Blazers would win CHL playoff titles in each of their first two seasons. They also made the 1969 finals, falling to the Dallas Black Hawks in five games. After the 1971-72 season, their pro affiliate pulled the plug on the team. However, the Blazers would be reborn for the 1973-74 season with a different affiliate. In 1974, they again would lose in the finals to Dallas. 1976-77 would be the Blazers final season, as the again were shut down by their pro affiliate. OKC would not go long without hockey though, as the OKC Stars would soon join the CHL.

The Blazers would also be reborn in the 1990s in the new CHL, with red, yellow and black colors. This version of the Blazers would call Oklahoma home for 17 seasons until 2009. They would win CHL titles in 1996 and 2001.