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Buffalo Bisons

The Buffalo Bisons represent the first professional hockey team in Buffalo, NY, dating back to the first iteration of the IHL. They started play in the 1928-29 season, playing out of the Peace Bridge Arena in Fort Erie, Ontario. In March of 1936, the roof of the arena collapsed under heavy snowfall and the team found a new home in Niagara Falls. However, they would only last 11 games there before folding. 

A new version of the Bisons -- and most loved version -- formed in 1940-41 when the Syracuse Stars moved to town. The team would actually played their games in Buffalo at the brand new Memorial Auditorium (The Aud). The team would don a jersey with a hockey playing Bison on it in the 1950s, with their colors being red and blue for much of their existence. Over the course of 30 seasons, the team compiled more history than we can fit here. They were coached by the likes of Eddie Shore and Fred Shero and can claim alumni such as Toe Blake, Terry Crisp, Vic Hadfield, Doug Harvey, Harry Lumley, Brad Park, and Gillies Villemure. The team's logo was also later changed to the iconic bottle cap design. 

In their 30 seasons, the Bisons made the Finals nine times, taking home five titles. That includes their final season of 1969-70 when they swept the Springfield Kings in four games. The team would fold at the end of the season to make way for NHL expansion into the city.