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Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets

The Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets were one of the earliest teams in the Steel City. They started as an amateur club, and in 1922 joined the USAHA. They would spend four seasons in that league, winning the USHA Championship in 1924 and 1925, the second win coming over their local rival, the Fort Pitt Hornets. The Yellow Jackets became known for recruiting mostly Canadian players, which was part of their success.  After that second championship win, the USAHA folded and the Yellow Jackets were sold. The team along with most of the players joined the NHL as the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1930 the Pirates left for Philly to became the Quakers, so original Jackets owner Roy Schooley restarted the team in the IHL. They played two seasons in the IHL, 1930-31 and 1931-32. After that, the team suspended operations for a couple years, then came back first as an independent in 1934, then joining the EHL from 1935-37. The team's colors are consistent with most of the other teams in Pittsburgh, using the traditional black and yellow most of the city's teams have employed.