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Cape Cod Freedoms

The Cape Cod Freedoms started play in the NEHL for the 1978-79 season, originally as the New Hampshire Freedoms. The NEHL was created from the ashes of the NAHL, with former NAHL teams including the Baltimore Clippers and Erie Blades as well as traditional NAHL cities such as Syracuse, Utica, and Johnstown. Later on, the NEHL would be renamed the EHL trying to take on the legacy of the former EHL that lasted for decades and eventually turned into the NAHL.

The Freedoms nor the NEHL would last long. Only a few months into their tenure New Hampshire, they picked up and moved to Cape Cod in December 1978 and became the Cape Cod Freedoms. They would finish the season in the Cape before moving to Richmond, VA, and becoming the Rifles the following year. The Freedoms finished their only season 33-36-1. The NEHL would fold following the 1980-81 season.