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Salem/Roanoke Valley Hockey Club

Salem's entry in the EHL started play with the 1967-68 season at the Salem Civic Center in Salem, VA. For their first two seasons on the ice, the team didn't have a ton of success as they notched only 35 wins in total. However, the 1969-70 season they were much improved and went 37-27-10 but unfortunately would exit the playoffs in the first round. 

Starting in 1970-71, the team split their home games between Salem and the Roanoke Civic Center. From them on they would be a consistent contender in the EHL and later in the SHL, after the EHL fell apart following the 1972-73 season. In 1973, they would lose in the EHL finals to the Syracuse Blazers. With the EHL splitting into the NAHL and SHL the following year, they cruised to a 53 win season and league title. Roanoke would fold after the 1975-76 season and the SHL soon after in January 1977.