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Boston Olympics

The Boston Olympics were a successful hockey team in the EAHL/EHL in Boston during the 1940s. The team was composed of New England hockey talent and run by Walter Brown who coached the USA to a hockey world title in 1933 and later founded the Boston Celtics. The Olympics found success in the EAHL as they won five titles in 12 seasons including four in a row from 1944 to 1947. Much of that success can be credited to the Olympics being an NHL farm club, as the EAHL was generally lower than a second tier league throughout its history and the Olympics played above that competition. The team's best season was 1943-44 as they earned a 39-4-2 record. But by the end of the 1940s the EHL was struggling to field teams as teams went out of business during the season or couldn't put together a home schedule due to scheduling issues. The league quickly embarked on an ill-fated expansion to Milwaukee, Cleveland, Toledo, and Grand Rapids but it only ended up costing the eastern teams money. Citing financial difficulties, the Olympics tried to change things up for 1951-52 and moved to DC to become the Washington Lions, but to no avail. The franchise would fold after one year and only nine wins in the capital.