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Toronto Shamrocks

The Toronto Shamrocks were an early hockey team, originating in the National Hockey Association (NHA) in 1912 as the Toronto Tecumsehs. After a name change to the Ontarios, they were renamed the Shamrocks after playing the first game of the 1915 season in January of that year. The name change was supposedly due to the large number of players of Irish decent on the team. The team would of course have a Shamrock as a jersey logo. They didn't have a great year, going 7-13. At this point in history teams were always in flux, and the Shamrocks were certainly no exception. After going dormant for a year, the Shamrocks were awarded to the Canadian military who fielded a 228th Battalion team in 1916-17. That team would only last a year, ending the franchise history of the Shamrocks.