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About Us

Who We Are

Kevin Schultz, Founder of Vintage Ice Hockey, with one of his daughters

Welcome to Vintage Ice Hockey, and thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to learn about who we are, why we’re here, and what we strive to share. Above all else, we’re a family-run, hockey fan-driven company that’s committed to celebrating and preserving the legacies of defunct minor league hockey franchises—both those forgotten and those fondly remembered.

From the pre-NHL-expansion minor league hockey heyday of the 1960s and ‘70s to the exciting hockey boom of the 1990s, there are so many moments and memories tied to minor league hockey teams that, sadly, no longer exist. Yet, these beloved franchises still vividly live on, skating through in the minds, hearts, and stories of those who experienced their unique runs.

We don’t want these fond memories and warm feelings to ever go away. That’s why we’re proud to be the only company that sells premium-quality jerseys, apparel, and team merchandise for defunct minor league hockey franchises that span over 100 years—from from the 1910s all the way into the 2000s. So whether it’s sheer nostalgia, a curiosity for minor league hockey history, interest in your local history, an appreciation for creative designs, or your passionate fandom that brought you here, we sure are glad to share our vintage hockey apparel arena with you!

How We Got Here

Growing up on Long Island, some of my most cherished memories are attending New York Islanders games with my dad for over 20 years. We spent a lot of nights there in the 1990s -- Ziggy Palffy, Mad Mike, and Fishsticks -- and my Islanders fandom has been ironclad ever since. But in 2017, when the Islanders were not exactly thriving, I decided to dive headfirst into the history of the franchise.

As my research extended to Long Island hockey as a whole, I learned about this fascinating minor league hockey franchise, the Long Island Ducks. During their rowdy run from 1959-1973, the Ducks were undoubtedly the wildest team in the wildest hockey league, the EHL. Moreover, the propensity of Ducks players (most notably, player-coach John Brophy) to get into fistfights with opponents and fans alike is said to have inspired the character of Reggie Dunlop in the classic movie Slap Shot. Among others, there’s also the wild story of a Ducks and New Haven Blades brawl that saw a game canceled only a few seconds after it had started because after the fight was subdued, the Blades refused to return to the ice!

Suffice to say, I was hooked on the Long Island Hockey Ducks as a phenomenon. However, when I went to look for Long Island Ducks hockey gear online, I couldn’t find anything. And to make matters worse, I also couldn’t find apparel for any other defunct minor league hockey teams. Surely, I wasn’t the only one out there looking for this stuff?

That moment in 2019 is when Vintage Ice Hockey was born.

Kevin with his Dad, sometime in the 1990s

What We Strive To Share with Hockey Fans Everywhere

Vintage Ice Hockey started out as a fun hobby, one where we thought we’d sell a few t-shirts here and there. But as you can probably tell, that prediction was a shot off the post. We’re humbled to say that we now carry throwback apparel celebrating over 200 defunct minor league hockey teams. Plus, we’re still the only place where you can find gear –AND JERSEYS!– for many of these minor league hockey teams that no longer exist.

We always have—and always will—take great care in how we share minor league hockey history, provide doses of nostalgia, and preserve cherished memories that deserve to never be forgotten.

So, whether you loved going to minor league hockey games on a Saturday night in the ‘70s, you were there for the bombastic hockey boom in the ‘90s, or you’re new to the game and dig the team designs, we’re proud to be your home arena for all things Vintage Ice Hockey. From our hockey family to yours, thank you for being here and celebrating these timeless hockey teams together!

The Schultz Family

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