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Cleveland Crusaders

The Cleveland Crusaders were not an original WHA franchise, although they did begin play in 1972-73, the league's first year. They were originally the Calgary Broncos, but the Broncos never took the ice after their owner died and they were moved to Cleveland. The Crusaders found success in Cleveland, finishing second in their division three of four seasons and averaging a respectable 6,000 fans per game. They never had much playoff success though, winning one series in five tries. The Crusaders closed up shop after the 1975-76 season, afriad of the prospects of the NHL relocating the Golden Seals to Cleveland as the Barons, which occurred in the summer of '76. The Crusaders were sold to a group who wanted to move them to South Florida to become the Florida Breakers. After that move fell through, the team would move to Minnesota to become the second iteration of the Fighting Saints.