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Nova Scotia Voyageurs

The Nova Scotia Voyageurs were a former power house of the AHL in the 1970s. The team started as the Montreal Voyageurs and were moved out to Halifax, NS, for the 1971-72 season playing in the Halifax Forum. The team was immediately successful -- aided by the talented Montreal Canadiens prospect pool at the time -- winning the Calder Cup in 1972, becoming the first Canadian team to do so. As the Canadiens tore up the pro league, so did the Voyageurs in the AHL, winning additional Calder Cups in 1976 and 1977.

The Voyageurs would move into the Halifax Metro Centre for the 1978-79 season, where their attendance improved. However, in the mid-80s the Canadiens decided that they wanted to have their farm team closer to home, and in a deal with Edmonton and Winnipeg, took over a team in Sherbrooke in exchange for bailing out Edmonton's team financially and giving Halifax to Edmonton.