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Saint Paul Vulcans / Twin Cities Vulcans

Sometimes called the Saint Paul Vulcans, sometimes called the Twin Cities Vulcans, this hockey team has had a few different iterations over the years. They were initially called the Saint Paul Vulcans when they debuted in the Midwest Junior Hockey League for the 1973 season. After four years with great success, including a 1973 league title, the MWJHL merged with the USHL in 1977. It took a few years for the Vulcans to find their footing in the new league, as they won only 38 games in their first three seasons. 

However, they did eventually right the ship and spent another two decades in the USHL until 2000. The Vulcans can claim some NHL alumni as well, most notably defenseman Phil Housley who played for them in 1980-81. Others include Tim Jackman, Matt Koalska, John Maclean, and Trent Klatt. In 1983-84, they posted the best record in the USHL, winning 37 of 48 games. 

The Vulcans had a long run, but unfortunately by the late 90s they were only attracting a few hundred fans per game in a saturated Twin City hockey market. The Minnesota Wild were also founded around this time in 2000. After the 1999-00 season, the team was sold and relocated to Nebraska.