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Premium Hockey Lace Hoodies

They’re true to the hockey lifestyle. They’re on-trend and eye-catching from a style perspective. They’re ridiculously comfortable—to the point that you’ll want to wear them across every season. They’re our new hockey lace hoodies and they’re ready to become the MVP of both your hockey fan and everyday apparel rotations. 

Available for a limited time, these premium lace-up hockey hoodies balance a supremely soft fleece interior with a thicker-than-typical exterior shell for Hall of Fame-level comfort and warmth for the cold winter months and frosty ice rinks and arenas. Oh, and to bring total comfort full circle, we also ensured that every team hoodie has a screen-printed tag and every blank hoodie has a tear-away tag.

Onto style, the hockey skate crossover laces at the neck look cooler than ice and deliver some serious pop and flair compared to traditional hockey hoodies. And speaking of pop, all the team hockey hoodies with laces have been specially screen-printed for maximum design detail and longevity. 

With free shipping, incredible comfort, and elite styles awaiting, pick out your favorite hockey lace hoodie below.