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Portland Eagles

The Portland Eagles started play in 1944 in the WHL (then the PCHL) playing at Portland Arena (1914-1956). The Eagles, they were successful and made the playoffs most seasons, including a trip to the Finals in 1947 where they lost to the Los Angeles Monarchs. The team decided to change their name to the Penguins for 1949 and missed the playoffs, going 32-30-9. They would switch back to the Eagles moniker in 1950, and have another .500 season, losing in the playoffs in round 1. The team would fold following the 1950-51 season, facing financial difficulties and a deteriorating situation at Portland Ice Arena. The arena, which stood on Northwest 21st and Marshall streets, closed in 1953 after declining to pay $80,000 in wiring upgrades required by the fire marshal.

The Eagles never had a true logo as far as we can tell, so we've created one ourselves of a fearsome hockey stick carrying eagle!