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Giant Mine Grizzlies

In 1937, the mines in Yellowknife started a hockey league called the Yellowknife District Hockey Association. Each of the three major mines in the area (Con, Giant and Negus) put together a team (Cougars, Grizzlies, Hogans, respectively) and the town also had a team called the Molson Indians. The league ran until 1975 when it disbanded. There are no records of statistics or standings, or really even championship information available. The games were played at the Gerry Murphy Arena and the championship trophy was called the Walter Howe Cup, and the teams appear to be made up of mine workers, who were often recruited specifically for the ability to play hockey and work in the mines. One such recruit was Frank Horvat, who played for the Grizzlies from 1952 – 1967. He seems to have been a tough and skilled player, who, in one season of 26 games, reportedly scored 76 goals and 32 assists.