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Marquette Pirates

Believe it or not, the first outdoor hockey game featuring a pro team occurred all the way back in 1954. At a prison in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

On February 2, 1954, Detroit faced off against the Marquette Prison Pirates -- aka Emery's Boys -- named after the prison's warden. The story goes that Jack Adams and  Ted Lindsay visited the prison as a goodwill gesture, and were asked to come back later on and play a game there. It seemed unlikely at the time since the prison didn't have a rink. But some months later the prison's athletics director built a rink and invited the team back to play. And play they did. Hall of Famers like Gordie Howe, Lindsay, Terry Sawchuk, and Sid Abel took the ice against the inmates. The first period was a rout, with the prisoners losing 18-0. After that the teams actually mixed up players and didn't keep score. The game ended without incident and is a rather unbelievable part of hockey history.