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Chicago Cheetahs

The Chicago Cheetahs were a short-lived RHI team for two seasons in the early 90s (93-95). They played first at UIC and then at the Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park, Illinois. The team had one of the most 90s logos out there with a photo of a Cheetah smack in the middle of an orange splash. The whole thing looked like it was out of a 90s commercial for a soda with way too much sugar added. 

The Cheetahs were rather unremarkable on the rink, going 12-10 then 10-12-2 in their two seasons of play. They did feature long-time NHLer Al Secord in an attempt to woo the local hockey fanbase. Secord had been retired for four years before coming back to play for the Cheetahs and racking up 25 points in 18 games. He would actually then attempted an on-ice comeback and play the next two seasons with the Chicago Wolves in his late 30s. 

The Cheetahs faced attendance issues, moved arenas, and came and went fairly quickly like most roller teams of the 90s.