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About us:

Welcome to Vintage Ice Hockey! We're glad you're here. Our mission is to celebrate defunct hockey teams that don't take the ice anymore, many of which still have a special place in people's hearts and memories. 

The truth is, sports history doesn't get a lot of love. Sports are generally all about the here and now. Who's going to win the game tonight? Who's going to win the championship this year? And that's great! But there's also a long history of hockey that has been lost or that is being lost. We want to bring back to life the teams that are special in their own ways and need to be remembered. Vintage Ice Hockey is a home for all of those teams from long ago; both those fondly remembered and those forgotten. 

To do that, we're creating apparel for these teams that, in many cases, simply doesn't exist anywhere else. We also have a blog that will look to shine a light on the players, teams, and fans of these teams and to give their stories a platform in the digital age.

If there's a hockey team that no longer takes the ice that is near and dear to you, we hope you join us in our journey to breathe life back into these teams. You can visit us at, and sign up for our mailing list which will bring the blog and other info directly to your inbox once a week. 

I placed an order and was charged but have not received any order confirmations. What gives?

Our system automatically sends an email confirmation for every order and a second email when the order ships. Many times our emails are blocked or routed to your spam/junk folder. Please check those places as that is likely where the emails are going if you haven't received them in your inbox. If you still have no luck finding our emails, you can email us at or message us on Facebook to confirm your order. When you send an email to us through your email service, that lets your email service know we are legit, which should correct the issue. 

I haven't received the discount code for joining your mailing list. What should I do?

After signing up, the code will be emailed to the address you provided. You should receive it within a minute or two. If you don't, please check your spam mail folder for any emails coming from an email address. Sometimes, our automated emails will bounce back if you are not using a google/yahoo/hotmail address. If you still don't receive the email, let us know and we will make sure you get the discount even if you have already placed the order. 

What does shipping cost and how fast is it?

USA Apparel and Mugs: We are a print-on-demand shop, which means that we will create your products upon receiving your order. Due to this our standard shipping on apparel is 5-10 business days within the continental United States (may ship via UPS, USPS or FedEx). If you really need your items fast, we offer express shipping in 3-6 business days (pricing varies based on order value).

Canada Apparel and Mugs: We are a print-on-demand shop, which means that we will create your products upon receiving your order. Our normal shipping method to Canada is premium, which provides tracking and is shipped via FedEx and is estimated at 5-15 business days. This option starts at $12 and varies based on the order value (free on $75+). If you need your items faster, we offer FedEx express shipping to Canada, which is estimated at 3-7 business days. This option starts at $36 and varies based on the order value. NOTE ON CANADIAN TAXES/DUTIES: The customer will be responsible for paying any fees/taxes/duties levied by FedEx at delivery. While these amounts vary and are determined by FedEx, we generally see orders for more than 1 apparel item get billed for a $10 FedEx fee plus the local GST/HST upon delivery. Orders for only 1 apparel item generally ship to Canada without any FedEx charges. 

Rest of the World: Apparel and Mugs: We are a print-on-demand shop, which means that we will create your products upon receiving your order. We offer premium shipping for $17 that will ship in 20-30 business days (we know, it's kind of slow for premium but since COVID the international shipping times have really slowed down). Finally, if you really need your items fast, we offer express shipping in 6-10 business days for $36. Please note that these international ship times are generalized and may vary by country.

What brands do you use and how is apparel printed?

All items are printed within the USA at our printer's facilities in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada and are shipped from within the USA . The apparel comes from name brands such as Gildan, Bella + Canvas, and others. You can find out more specifics about what garment an item will be printed on in the product description of that item or on our size chart, as it includes product descriptions. 

Will my item look exactly like the picture? 

If you order a shirt or hoodie, no, not exactly like the picture but darn close. The majority (but not all) images on the website are digital mockups of what the end product will look like. Printing may vary based on the complexity of the design and the specific garment material/color that it is being printed on. If you'd like to get an idea of what the end product looks like, you can check out our clearance section which offers pictures of the real thing (some of the clearance items are misprints but in general they are correctly printed items that were returns or test prints and this will be noted in the description of the item). 

All clearance items, jerseys, and hats use real pictures of the items and will be the same as the item pictured. One caveat; embroidery on hats can be tricky, and if your hat doesn't look like the picture on our website please let us know and we will exchange/return it for you.

What is the difference between "premium" and regular t-shirts and hoodies?  

Premium vs. Non Premium Tees  

Our regular or non-premium t-shirts are what we originally started the site with. These are Fruit of the Loom 3930 tees that are a heavy and thick feeling style of t-shirt. We find that a lot of our customers like these when they are looking for a shirt that has a sturdy, thick feel to it. These shirts are not labeled as standard or non-premium, but you will know them since they will not say 'premium' anywhere in the title. They are also handy as many of the colors we offer are available in sizes up to 6XL. However, we received feedback that some customers were interested in thinner, lighter feeling tees. 

Our premium t-shirts were introduced recently to provide an option for a lighter and thinner feel of t-shirt. There are two types of these premium tees.

  1. The first is used for our text-only or "Dated" designs. These are Next Level brand 6210 shirts that are 60% cotton but still provide a lighter, softer feel than the standard shirt. Not all teams have these dated t-shirts available.
  2. The second type of premium tee is used on all of the graphic design tees that have "premium" in the title (other than the "Dated" ones described above) and were introduced to fill a need where our customers had been requesting lighter and softer tees. These are 100% Bella + Canvas 3001 tees that are very popular in apparel shops these days. We've recently added one of these for every graphical design on the site so that every one of our graphic tees has both a standard and premium Bella + Canvas option. Please note that if you don't like light feeling t-shirts, you would probably better enjoy our standard shirts. 

For more details on the sizing and content of these items, please see our size chart page.

Premium vs. Non Premium Hoodies/Sweatshirts  

Our regular or non-premium hoodies are what we originally started the site with. These are Gildan G18500 hoodies that are a thick, heavy blend hoodies that you probably know well from many other retailers. These are 50% cotton and while durable and comfortable, they are not super soft. These hoodies are not labeled as standard or non-premium, but you will be able to identify them since they will not say 'premium' anywhere in the title. They do come in handy as many of the colors we offer are available in sizes up to 5XL. 

Our premium hoodies were introduced recently to provide an option for a much softer feeling hoodie. These are 80% cotton and are the real deal. They are our printers' (Spreadshirt) in-house brand of hoodie, made especially to print on their own machines. We highly recommend these hoodies if you're looking for a soft, hoodie that you can wear regularly. 

Every graphic design on our site will have a premium and non-premium hoodie option. To spot the difference, just look for "(Premium)" in the subject line. 

For more details on the sizing and content of these items, please see our size chart page.

    The designs look way too big for the shirts in the pictures. Is that how it will really print?  

    No. The pictures are digital mockups, so it doesn't represent the exact print area of the designs. The designs will be printed with a longest side of about 10 inches, which is pretty normal for a shirt. This also does not scale up, so the print area will be about the same on a medium as it is on a 3XL, so the designs do get smaller relative to the apparel as you go up in size. 

    How do items print on extended sizes?  

    We are proud to offer many of our t-shirts and hoodies in sizes up to 6XL. The printing process and quality is the same as smaller sizes. However, on larger sizes the printed area does not increase, so the printed image on a 5XL will be the same size as on an XL.  Please note, at this time on the standard tees (the $27.99 ones) and the standard hoodies (the $39.99 ones) are available in extended sizes. 

    How do I know that what I order will fit me? 

    You can use our size chart to get an idea of how a product will fit. If you receive your product and it doesn't fit quite right, you can exchange it for a different size or return it for a refund by contacting us. You would only need to pay return shipping. 

    Help! I made a mistake when I ordered. What should I do? 

    If you order the wrong color or size, please notify us as soon as possible. We are more than happy to make changes for you at no charge, but orders usually go to print within a few hours of being received and ship within 48 hours, so we have a very short window in which we can stop our printer and modify your order. Please be sure to check your order receipt that is emailed to you and let us know ASAP if something needs to be changed with your order. If your order has already gone to print, you will have to follow our normal return/exchange process in which you only pay return shipping to send the items back and we will process a new order for you at no charge.

    What if I decide I don't want my item? 

    If you change your mind and decide you don't want your item, you can return it for a full refund. Just make sure to notify us within 14 days of receiving your order. You only pay return shipping. Refunds will be issued upon receipt of returned item. You can read our full return/exchange policy here

    Extended Holiday Returns: For holiday returns, all orders placed between October 1st and December 31st are eligible for return through January 31st as long as the product is returned in the condition in which it was received.

    My order doesn't look right or was damaged during shipping. What do I do? 

    Mistakes happen, and we make them from time to time. Sometimes the carriers will damage the packages in transit. If this happens to you, let us know and we will get a replacement order out to you as soon as possible at no charge. Please make sure to send us a picture of the damage, we can't process a new order without it. 

    My shirt or hoodie has small stains on it. It's not a big deal but it's not ideal. What can you do? 

    Sometimes there are stains on the apparel that are remnants of the printing process. They are usually very small and greyish or clear looking. These stains should disappear after the first wash. If they don't come out after a wash, let us know and we will work with you to exchange the item. 

    Your site is great, but I don't want to pay full price... 

    Well, you can sign up for our text and email list. When you sign up for both, you will immediately receive a code for 15% off your first order. We won't be offended if you unsubscribe later on. If you've already used that code, stay on the list for a bit. We do send out codes and run sales throughout the year. 

    You could also listen to the podcasts of some of our affiliate partners, they have discount codes on their websites or within the audio of their podcasts...

    Islanders Anxiety at

    The History of Hockey Podcast

    Do you ever add new teams? 

    We do! We add new designs all the time. When we do announce it on Twitter, Facebook, and notify everyone on our email list

    Can I request a specific team? 

    Sure! We are always taking requests and love to learn about hockey history that we haven't heard about before. Feel free to contact us or drop a suggestion to us on Twitter. One thing though, please be patient. We get a lot of requests and sometimes it can take months for us to be able to offer a specific team for sale. 

    Do you offer kids tees or hoodies?

    We currently only offer kids tees for certain teams. If there is a team on the site that doesn't have a kids tee available, just send us a note requesting the teams that you would like to see. It is a time consuming and difficult task to add these products for each team as they are not in high demand, so we will not be adding them for all teams on our own. However we are happy to add them for teams on a "by request" basis.

    We are currently unable to offer kid's hoodies as we do not have sufficient options available to us.