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San Angelo Outlaws

The San Angelo Outlaws played in the WPHL and CHL at the San Angelo Coliseum during the late 90s and early 00s. The team was hot at the start, filling the Coliseum and making the WPHL playoffs in their first season of 1997-98. They would build on that in their second season by winning an impress ive 39 of 69 games and making it all the way to the playoff final. They would unfortunately lose the final to Shreveport. 

The Outlaws would play another two seasons in the WPHL before the league merged with the CHL in 2001. The Outlaws finished at the bottom of their division in 2001-02, their only year in the CHL before they would re-brand to the San Angelo Saints. The team would play three years as the Saints in front of declining crowds until they folded at the end of the 2004-05 season.