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Kansas City Blades

The Kansas City Blades started play in the IHL in 1990-91 as the restarted Toledo Goaldiggers franchise. The Blades were independent of any pro affiliation their first year, but in their second year secured an affiliation with San Jose. That would be their most successful year, as a number of future NHLers helped them to win the IHL title. That included Sandis Ozolinsh, Arturs Irbe, and Wade Flaherty. For the next decade, the Blades were usually a contender in the IHL, and reached the finals again in 1995 only to lose to Denver. By 2000, the team had been sold to a group that looked to move them to Oklahoma. However, the league itself was in trouble at this point and folded outright in 2001. When the league folded, the Blades were not admitted into the AHL as many other IHL teams were and cease operations.