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Omaha Knights

With news of the NHL expanding to Minnesota in the mid-1960s, the Minnesota Rangers hightailed it out of Minny to Nebraska where they would become the Omaha Knights. They were not nearly the first team to use the Knights moniker in Omaha.

An AHA team was the first to use the name from 1939-42. There was also a USHL team from 1945-51. Another Knights franchise joined the IHL in 1959, only to move to Toledo and become the Blades in 1963. Yet another Omaha Knights franchise was a founding member of the CHL in 1963-64. That franchise would move south to Houston to become the Apollos following the 64-65 season. The last iteration of the Knights would be the Rangers who moved from Minnesota for the 66-67 season. These Knights would make Nebraska their home for nine seasons through 1974-75. During that time, they would make the CHL finals four times, winning three titles in 1970, 1971, and 1973. The Knights would fold after the 1974-75 season. An AHL team would revive the Knights name for a few years in the 2000s.