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Newark Bulldogs

The Newark Bulldogs (New Jersey) only played one season (1928-29) in the Canadian-American Hockey League. They were originally the Quebec Beavers who had played in the same league starting in 1926. The franchise was sold to the Newark Garden Arena, which hoped to have the Bulldogs as tenants when the team relocated. Well, the team arrived but the arena didn't. 

Without a home arena to play in, the Newark Bulldogs still pulled off a 1928-29 season but they did it on the road. They split their "home" games between Philadelphia, Providence, and Springfield, which also happened to be home to three teams in the league; the Philadelphia Arrows, Providence Reds, and Springfield Indians. 

Of course, not having a home arena usually isn't conducive to winning. They finished with a 14-20 record, missing the playoffs. At least they didn't finish last in the six team circuit, that honor belonged to the Philadelphia Arrows. It’s not surprising the Bulldogs didn’t have much success, as they didn’t have a home arena and played all their games on the road for the season. They tried to reconvene for the next season, but were put on hiatus as the arena still didn't materialize. By 1929 the Great Depression stuck and the team was never to be. 

The logo we have on the apparel is not the four-legged bulldog they had on their sweaters, but it is a logo patch that the team had in some capacity and looks just about right, colors and all.