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The Parking Lot Podcast

A large group of guys has been playing beer league hockey at a facility known as the Fort Myers Skatium for going on 23 years in Fort Myers, Florida. The leagues have changed age groups and levels over the years, and some faces have come and gone, but the one thing that has stayed the same is the camaraderie in the locker room that typically spills out into the parking lot. We as skaters can sometimes remember games but we can always remember the stories that we tell. So one night, after a particularly good night in the parking lot, Tom approached Jeremy about the possibility of recording some of these stories. We are all getting a bit older and what better way to help remember the good ole days than to record them in the form of a podcast. Hence the idea was formed, and what better name than The Parking Lot to relive and tell the stories from the place we spend much more time than on the ice. Tom and Jeremy spend every week bringing on fellow beer league players who share the same addiction to the sport we love. Come listen and enjoy the stories that make us beer league heroes (at least in our minds) from The Parking Lot – A Beer League Hockey Podcast.