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Nashville South Stars

The Nashville South Stars only lasted one year in the CHL, 1981-82. But don't let that distract from the fact that they left behind one of the best and most 1980s-ified logos in a hockey player wielding a guitar instead of a stick. He looks ready to smash that over his opponent's head like a wrestler.

The CHL's South Stars also get credit for reviving hockey in Nashville, as they were the first team in the city since the hey day of the Nashville Dixie Flyers nearly a decade earlier. lost in round one of their final and only season, and can claim five games from Don Beaupre as probably their most accomplished alumni. Following 81-82, the team folded and another ACHL franchise with the same name was started in its place for 1982-83. The ACHL version of the South Stars would move to Salem, VA and become the Lancers in the middle of the 1983-84 season.