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Albuquerque Six Guns

A one year wonder from the 1970s CHL! The Six Guns played at Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM. 

The Cape Cod Freedoms started play in the NEHL for the 1978-79 season, and neither the Freedoms nor the NEHL would last long. Only a few months into their tenure New Hampshire, they picked up and moved to Cape Cod in December 1978 and became the Cape Cod Freedoms. 
The Chicago Americans played only one season in the AHA, 1926-27, but it was a tumultuous one and the first time that Chicago had pro hockey. The Americans, originally called the Cardinals, began play in the AHA and were in immediate and direct competition with the NHL's newest franchise, also located in Chicago and debuting the same season. 
The New Hampshire Freedoms were the first professional hockey team in the state of New Hampshire, playing in the NEHL for the 1978-79 season. The Freedoms split their games between the Everett Arena in Concord and the JFK Coliseum in Manchester. Only a few months into their tenure, they picked up and moved to Cape Cod in December 1978 and became the Cape Cod Freedoms.
The Seattle Americans were a short-lived entry in the old WHL from 1955-58. They did sport one of the best players in pro hockey history. Guyle Fielder, who holds the record for most points, assists, and games in minor hockey history racked up some monster stats for the Americans. He scored 312 points in 201 games with the Americans. All time, he ranks fourth in scoring hockey history behind the likes of Gretzky, Jagr, and Howe when you include non-NHL players.
The Trojans were only around for one year, but they definitely have one of the more unique logos and names in hockey history. The team was based in Troy, NY home to Samuel Wilson who is supposed to be the man the 'Uncle Sam' moniker is based on. Trojans also refers to what people from Troy are called, in the same way you would call someone from New York a New Yorker. Thus, the team was called the Troy Uncle Sam's Trojans and used the famous character as their logo.
The Washington Eagles were the first pro team in DC's history, joining the EHL for the 1939-40 season. With the addition of Riverside Stadium, an open air arena, the Eagles as well as the Ice Follies became a new attraction in the city. The Eagles would last three seasons in the EHL including a title win in 1940-41 before folding in 1942. Their coach was Redvers MacKenzie, which is about as perfect an old time hockey name as you can get.