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Buffalo Frontiers

The Buffalo Frontiers might be the most unknown team we've ever come across. We know they existed, that much is certain. The evidence of this -- that we can find -- is a single Clinton Comets game program from the 1949-50 season that lists the Comets' opponent at the Buffalo Frontiers and provides their roster. 

The team existed during the 1940s or 1950s, back when a lot of teams still played independent hockey or "barn stormed" as there weren't always organized leagues in all regions. You'd put together a schedule against college, pro, and semi-pro or amateur teams and there wasn't a formal league around it. The Clinton Comets played this way from 1947-51 in fact. 

The Frontiers, we think, we actually the Frontier Blue Banners that played in the Buffalo Municipal hockey league. That would make them a local men's league team in the Buffalo area and it makes sense they'd be playing the Clinton Comets from a few hours away. 

Not knowing much else about the Frontiers, we decided to put together our own logo creation. It is Frontier themed with a blue banner and a tribute to one of the most obscure hockey teams we've ever come across!